Janiv Shihan


Hanan Janiv Shihan (7th Dan)

Janiv Shihan commenced martial arts training more than 50 years ago. He has been a student of Aikido since he began training in Sydney in the late 1960’s with one of the great modern masters of Aikido, Seichi Sugano Shihan.

Sugano Shihan is credited with the growth of Aikido in Australia, teaching thousands of students and personally grading over 1500 black belts in his 50 years of stewardship.

Janiv Shihan is a member of the Sugano Foundation which is aimed at preserving Sugano Shihans’ legacy, a technical teaching committee member (TTC) which guides the Aiki Kai syllabus in Australia, teaches internationally, and has direct ties with the International Aikido Federation (IAF), Ueshiba family, and Hombu Dojo in Japan.

Janiv Shihan regularly teaches on a Wednesday each week in the Lyons Dojo in the ACT.

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