As a Not-For-Profit, our instructors are members of the Canberra community who volunteer their time to teach Aikido. They teach under the direction of our senior instructor, Hanan Janiv Shihan, 7th Dan.

  • Hanan Janiv Shihan, 7th Dan
  • Ruth Treyde Sensei, 6th Dan (Shidoin)
  • Guy Fripp Sensei, 6th Dan (Shidoin)
  • Margaret Dinan Sensei, 6th Dan (Shidoin)
  • Duncan Stevenson Sensei, 5th Dan (Shidoin)
  • Aaron Beutel, 4th Dan (Fukushidoin)
  • Scott Seymour, 3rd Dan (Fukushidoin)
  • John Robbins, 3rd Dan (Fukushidoin)
  • Ben Lewis, 3rd Dan (Fukushidoin)

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