Welcome To Aiki Kai Aikido in Canberra 2022!

Aiki Kai Canberra is continuing to welcome enquiries from beginners considering if they might like to join and start training with us in Canberra. Given the Covid-19 situation, all Aiki Kai Aikido has been modified until further notice across Australia, with training arrangements varying in each State and dojo. In Canberra we are will return to training regularly, within guidelines from 16th February.

We are back training three time per week in the ACT with beginners, intermediate and advanced training. New students are welcome! Once we commence planning for possibly expanding our training and class times we will publish more information about new beginner’s courses – at our Lyons dojo.

As the premier national and international Aikido organisation in Australia with direct linkages to Hombu Dojo in Japan, Aiki Kai Australia is a non-profit organisation where we volunteer to make available and share our study of Aikido. We have been offering Aikido classes in Canberra for over 40 years. Some of us started training in Aikido when we were students at ANU, and have been with the club for 2,3,4 decades!

PleaseĀ  come down to the Lyons Dojo and watch a class, or alternately explore Aiki Kai Aikido via the video and other content on our National website https://www.aikido.org.au/

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