Aiki Kai Aikido Canberra is encouraging those interested in trying Aikido.

If you are interested, come and watch a class on Wednesday or Sunday, and consider joining and training in a safe, energetic, physically and mentally challenging art – Aikido (Way of Harmony)

We train every week, ages 16 years and up are welcome.

Our instructors are highly experienced, under the leadership of Hanan Janiv Shihan 7th Dan and National TTC member, here in Canberra. All of our instructors, ranging from 6th, 5th, 4th, and 3rd Dan levels have decades each of experience and volunteer their time to share this unique art.

Japan awards top promotions to Canberra Aikido ladies

A local martial arts club, Canberra Aikikai Aikido, has recently celebrated the promotion of two of its female members to senior grades.

Margaret Dinan and Liz van Papenrecht were promoted to the ranks of 6th dan and 5th dan black belts respectively by the Japanese National Aikido Organisation at a traditional ceremony in January this year. The promotions are a significant achievement, representing and acknowledging both women’s commitment and years of training in the art of Aikido. Ms Dinan and Ms van Papenrecht have been training regularly for 34 and 35 years respectively, studying under the direction of the late Japanese master, Seiichi Sugano Shihan and local 7th dan master Hanan Janiv Shihan.

The appointments of the women to such senior grades demonstrate Canberra Aikikai’s and Janiv Shihan’s support for his female students in an often male-dominated activity. They also add to Canberra Aikikai’s experienced pool of current seniors members Guy Fripp and Ruth Treyde (6th Dan), and Duncan Stevenson (5th Dan).

Aikido is a modern, non-aggressive Japanese martial art with its roots in in traditional Japanese jujutsu, sword and spear techniques. Aikido utilises body movement, direction, and timing to blend with or redirect an opponent’s attack. Aikido’s goal is not the application of fighting techniques, but rather it is a path for personal development for people who sincerely desire to perfect their own human nature.

Canberra Aikikai Aikido Club runs three classes a week for adults at the Lyons scout hall and welcomes new students at any time. For further information visit: or contact Duncan Stevenson on 0419 140 209.

Need Quality Aikido Training Gear? We have it All…

Aiki Kai Australia has setup an online shop on our national website supplying quality Aikido uniforms, training weapons and accessories. While many students of Aikido prefer to ultimately select and source their Aikido gear from suppliers in Japan, we found that there was not readily available equipment that was designed for Aikido training, durable, and value for money – so our National team developed our own!

The gear is quality tested and delivered directly to you.

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