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Welcome to Aikido for 2017

You have come to this website to find about Aikido training in Canberra. We are part of Aiki Kai Australia, which is the main Aikido organisation in Australia, recognised internationally by the International Aikido Federation. We have two dojos, one in Lyons (a Canberra suburb) and one at the Australian National University- see the Training Details page for details.

The Lyons Scout Hall Dojo is our main dojo where we train with Hanan Janiv Shihan, 7th Dan, on Wednesdays. This is run as a traditional dojo, with mixed ability classes. Students at all levels of their training are welcome to train here.

At the ANU Dojo we run three general training classes each week that are focused on beginners, specially ANU students and graduate members of the ANU Sport and Recreation Association. At this dojo we have three classes per week (Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday)

You are welcome to visit classes at either Dojo to watch and to talk to the instructor about training with us. Talk to one of the people listed on the Contact Details page about visiting the classes.

Highlights for the year 2017

We just completed a successful week of training in Sydney at Winter School.

Training continues at Lyons and at ANU

This coming September Ruth Treyde Sensei and Guy Fripp Sensei (both 6th Dan) will teach a "Technical and Teaching Committee" weekend in Melbourne at the Clifton Hill dojo. Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th, both from 1pm to 4pm. We encourage ACT Aikido students to attend this event.